Blender, Vitamix, 64 oz.

I use my Vitamix Blender regularly to make nut milks, smoothies and salad dressings and to blend soups. It’s among the top few appliances I use the most.

It’s powerful, easy to use and most importantly, easy to clean. I prefer this Vitamix because it has switches and knob; it’s easier to control than using buttons found on other brands.

Made in the USA with 70% minimum US content.

Coffeemaker by Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable

The programmable feature makes it surprisingly easy. When I was away from home and didn't have access to a machine with the programmable feature, I realized how convenient it was.

Juicer, Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite

The Breville is great because it has a large chute. If you plan on juicing regularly, having a large chute will cut down your prep time in half. Few parts make it easier to assemble and clean up.

The body is similar to the industrial Robot Coupe J80 Ultra used at Whole Foods at their juice bar.

Check out my article on which juicer is best out of 7 machines.

Dessert Blender, Magic Bullet

You can make the healthiest dessert with just fruit and top it off with cacao nibs, almond slices, honey. Besides the machine, there are four parts to assemble, the auger, chute, spout and pusher. It’s so easy to use and unbelievably delicious despite the simplicity of the ingredients. Let frozen fruit thaw at room temperature for 5 minutes and run it through the Magic Bullet Dessert Blender.

I’ve made a “nice” cream that tasted just like rainbow sherbert. I have yet to get down those ratios again but it involved something like peaches, strawberries and bananas.

Mandoline, Borner V-Slicer

This is the best slicer I’ve used. The hand guard prevents cuts and injuries. It comes with a storage container, all of the pieces can be tucked in neatly.

There are 3 inserts: 1 is for thin or thick slices, you just flip it over for either choice; the 2nd is to julienne vegetables like carrots or beets to toss in a salad; the one I use most has blades spaced apart to make skinny fries. The blades are so sharp, it does potatoes without a problem. Just stab it with the prongs on the underside of the hand guard and use quick motions to easily cut through hard vegetables. Made in Germany.

Sistema Pitcher

Keep your juices and beverages fresh with the easy-to-pour pitcher. Ideal for storing freshly made juices and beverages, this plastic pitcher with lid stores easily in the refrigerator and features convenient easy-locking clips and a flexible extended seal to help keep your juice tasting its best. The non-drip angled spout helps liquid flow easily and includes a controlled flow tap that lets you pour your beverage at your preferred rate.

Made from 100% virgin plastic, this BPA- and phthalate-free juice jug is dishwasher-safe when placed on the top rack and safe for storing in fridges and freezers.

Cuisinart 4-Cup Food Processor

This processor is simple and does the job well. Easy to use, easy to assemble and easy to clean.

  • Simple push-button control panel. It’s just the right size for everyday use.

  • Durable, yet lightweight plastic body

  • Dishwasher-safe bowl and lid.

Pyrex glass storage containers

Dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, pre-heated oven, and freezer safe; lids are BPA-free and top-rack dishwasher and microwave safe; long lasting and made in the USA. Having an assortment of colors makes it easier to find what I’m looking for, especially because we have drawers for refrigerators instead of a conventional upright one. The only downside is the weight and if that’s a major turnoff, Rubbermaid containers are great.

Rubbermaid Storage Containers

BPA free, like most other Rubbermaid products. The lids snap to base and lids, so storing them stays neat. They are safe for use in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher.

Most Rubbermaid products are manufactured in the USA. They have a Green Living page for tips and ideas for reducing our impact on the environment.

Sea Salt by Redmond

Real Salt is America’s only pink salt, mined in Utah since 1958. Unrefined and full of minerals, here is a analysis list of them. I use a mini Tajin bottle and refilled it with RealSalt to carry in my purse.


You can easily ditch soda with a SodaStream. The cost of this machine will pay for itself in no time. Fill the bottle with filtered water, run the machine and store the bottle in the refrigerator—The SodaStream bottle is BPA free. It’s so refreshing especially if you add lemon juice to your glass.

When the CO2 runs out, bring the empty canister go to a Staples store to recycle and buy a replacement there too.

Spiralizer, Paderno World

Don't make the mistake of buying another brand even if it costs a little less. The plastic isn't as sturdy and will crack in several spots. After I got this Paderno, I haven't had a problem.

There are 3 stainless steel blades that are sharp and even though I only use the small noodle blade for zucchini noodles, it is still well worth getting this spiralizer. Zucchini is so versatile; I've made thai noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, spaghetti bolognese, mushroom pesto noodles and shrimp curry over noodles


REI Water Bottle 16 oz

  • BPA-free and is dishwasher safe (top rack only)

  • Convenient loop-top design means you'll never lose the lid

  • Wide mouth makes it easy to fill & clean

This Nalgene bottle has a wide opening and is lightweight. I cut off the loop since the lid would bounce around.

Big Berkey Water Filter + 2 Black Filters + 2 Fluoride Filters This system doesn’t need to be installed under the sink, it sits on the countertop. The water tastes great and it doesn't waste water like other systems; some can discard as much water as it filters clean for you. The black filters remove bacteria, chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and more; the white filters reduce fluoride and arsenic levels up to 95%. It takes several hours to filter through since it is a drip system. It can filter dirty pond water to potable water!

I fill our Big Berkey to the top each day and use it for drinking, brewing coffee, nut milks and kombucha. Because I make those things homemade, this original Big size works great for the 2 of us. To buy the parts separate, click on the photos, to buy the set, click here.