Shampoo & Conditioner, Unscented

Fragrance Free means a lower toxin score with EWG. Leaves your hair clean and manageable. Contains aloe vera which calms and soothes a sensitive scalp and organic jojoba seed oil nourishes and smoothes the hair. Does not contain parabens, phthalates, artificial fragranes or colors, silicones, EDTA, glycol or petroleum based ingredients.

EWG Score: 2



Henna Cream by Surya (color: Chocolate)

This is an easy, non-toxic way to color your hair. It’s already mixed in a squeeze bottle with an applicator tip, ready to go. I don’t have a lot of grays, so I need half of a bottle or less. The color came out as a rich, dark brown, which is just what I wanted.

I’ve purchased the powder form from a different brand which had a better value, but I had to mix the powder with water/coffee (coffee dyes the hair brown), wait 8 hours, apply it, then wait 2 or 3 hours before rinsing it out, which isn’t nearly as convenient as this product.


Organic Castor Oil

EWG Score: 1



Loose Waves with Flat Iron by HSI

I use this Professional Flat Iron as a curling iron. I can control how curly I want it and usually stick to loose waves. It comes with argan oil hair treatment, pouch and gloves. After a few uses, I got the hang of it and don’t need the gloves to protect against burns.

It heats up quick and works well.



Bed Head by TIGI

This works great to tame your hair, especially for clean hair that can be unruly. It will fade away so you might need to reapply midday. For those pesky fly aways at your crown, you can apply this directly from the stick and smooth out the hair with a toothbrush or your fingers. Rub some on your hands and work through the ends for piecey look.



Extra Soft Toothbrush, Colgate

This is my favorite manual toothbrush. There aren’t many options for extra soft bristles and this is one of the few that I’ve seen with a small head.

I use it first for brushing my teeth and when it’s time to replace it, I use it to tame frizzy hair along with the TIGI Bed Head stick. This 2-pack is nice so I can keep one at home and one in my car or purse.