Salt Lamp

Mattress by Tuft & Needle This is one of the best purchases I've made. There's no spring, but it's adaptive, supportive and just the right firmness--super cozy.  It sleeps cool, I don't get overheated from this mattress at all. The zip-off cover is a smooth material and is washable.  I loved this mattress for the guest room so much, I also got one for the master bedroom and one for my mom.

The price is fantastic—over 10 years ago, two of my friends and I bought mattresses at the same, ranging between $1000 to $3000.  This mattress costs even less than the cheapest one we got.  And they're made in the USA! I don't see how a mattress could be any better.

VicTsing 400ml Diffuser/Humidifier

Use this as a diffuser by adding citrus essential oils to it like Grapefruit, for the morning, to stimulate circulation and increase energy; and Lavender in the evening to relax and sleep well.

I prefer this model over another one I own from VicTsing with a 300ml capacity. The 400ml pictured here has a larger capacity and the curved design of the top is a little easier to grab and put on and off.

Slim Earplugs by Mack’s

I have a pair of earplugs on each nightstand since our home is loft-style and in my purse in case I find myself in a store with loud, annoying music. They come in handy at the movies too--flicks are just too loud nowadays. The slim fit stay in better for me, they are made for small or sensitive ear canals and the regular size earplugs are below. Both come in a flip top bottle which makes it convenient to get to bedside.


Silk Sleep Mask by Alaska Bear

These also go on each nightstand at home and into my purse when I travel. They are so soft and feel luxurious on. They don't bother my lashes either.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic: which is good for allergy sufferers. The fibers have a natural resistance to dust mites, mold, and other allergens.

Silk protects your skin: may also help slow visible signs of aging; decreases friction and can potentially prevent wrinkles from sprouting and helps your skin maintain its natural moisture.

Silk protects your hair: Its smooth surface can help reduce friction, reducing bed head and damage like split ends.

This silk pillowcase by Kip has 30 momme which is the highest currently. Momme indicates the density of the fabric, which makes it feel smoother. A 25mm pillowcase has 32% more silk than a 19mm; a 30mm pillowcase has 58% more silk than a 19mm pillowcase. I could definitely feel the difference between 30 momme and another pillowcase from Alaska Bear of 19 momme. The difference between 30mm and 25mm is more subtle, but I found the 30mm after buying both 19mm and 25mm, then doing more digging.

Kip offers sizes in Standard, Queen and King. Fishers Finery also has 30 momme but only offers Queen and King sizes.

Silk pillowcases is best to handwash and dry laying flat. I usually avoid items or clothing that need extra care like handwashing but I love mine so much, it’s worth the effort.

Pillow, Organic Buckwheat Hull (14" x 20")

Every night, I get into bed and read before I doze off.  I read lying on my side and my buckwheat pillow is perfect for that.  It is the right thickness for a side sleeper and the buckwheat hulls give total support; there's no sinking in at all. 

I have a 20" x 26" and a 14" x 20".  I like the smaller one because buckwheat is heavier than standard pillow filling, so shifting it can be a little cumbersome. You do hear the buckwheat as the pillow is moved but it's not a bad trade off for pleasant, cool sleep and great support.