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How to prepare mentally for your cancer journey

How to prepare mentally for your cancer journey

Set yourself up for success

Think of each challenge as a small battle.  Set yourself up for success by setting small goals in the beginning like being able to finish all of your medications for the day or just making it to your appointment.  Claim your victory in something like a good night’s sleep.

Be in Acceptance

There will be times where you find yourself falling off tracks.  Accept this as part of the progress.  Focus on the progress, not perfection.  Affirmation:  "I’m progressing everyday, even when I make a mistake.  It's probably going to happen anyway.  It’s just part of the process." Cancer patients have ongoing expenses like supplements, prescription medication and organic foods.  It is now part of our lifestyle.  Find acceptance in the inevitable.

Cultivate patience

"Sickness doesn't happen overnight and wellness doesn't happen overnight" -- Andrea Beaman.   The longer you have been neglecting your body, the more time is required for healing.

Challenge your outlook

Ask yourself, “Why has this happened FOR me?” Change the way you view hardships and look for the positive.  There will be challenges along the way.  Negative and self-limiting thoughts can and will arise.  These thoughts are not always true.  Try replacing them with positive thoughts.

Cope With Pain  

Discomfort and pain will be part of the process.  Try relaxing into the pain.  Fighting can sometimes make it worse.  Sometimes when I find it in me to even be grateful for the pain, it lessens.

Enlist help from people around you

You will most likely find that you need to adopt a new healthier lifestyle with eating and exercise.  What are some ways you can enjoy this change?  Involving friends and family can make it more pleasurable.  How can you enlist the help of a buddy, get support from a family member or get accountability through this process?

Believe in your path

Once you choose which therapies you will do/try, pay attention to any thoughts that conflict with it actually working.  If you don't believe deep down that what you choose will work, it probably won't.  Avoid these self-limiting beliefs or cognitive dissonance by reading up on success stories.  Give yourself a timeframe to give the therapy a chance to work.  Move on if you don't see the changes that are expected.  Find out if how long a therapy show begin to show changes.  Some methods are quicker than others.  Give the appropriate amount of time, but don't linger as it may not be the answer for you.  Also, some people need to focus on the physical body, others need to address mental/emotional or spiritual health.

You can find healing stories similar to your situation or you can share yours at www.radicalremission.com

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