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How I Decided on Chemotherapy

The idea of chemo was frightening to me, possibly the scariest thing I could think of.  I had always told myself that if I were to turn to chemotherapy, I would use IPT.  IPT is insulin potentiation therapy.  It works to lower the blood sugar levels by administering insulin, thereby weakening the cancer cells.  Then, chemo would be given at 1/10 of the dose.  This sounded much more appealing, and a lot smarter.  The side effects would be lessened:  hair loss, nausea and fatigue would be minimal.  The day had finally come that I decided to do this.

After four months of being on a targeted IV therapy and seeing my tumor markers drop by roughly 25% each time from the last, I began to experience extreme fatigue and much more pain.  I panicked and went to see my integrative doctor about this.  She suggested I see the nurse practitioner who administers IPT at their center.  I expected my next appointment with her to be about getting information on how to prepare and what to expect, etc.  She explained that she had a dozen years administering the "regular" chemo and now she was at the integrative center working with IPT.  She rolled over on her seat very close to me, held my hands and said earnestly that I needed to go the regular route. I needed to do full dose chemotherapy.  The news was devastating to me.  I was very emotional and sobbed.  I was upset because I knew I could trust her advice, given she was steering me away from something she would gain business from.  After our meeting, I was still at the integrative center for some additional work and ran into her in the halls twice.  Both times, she stopped to urge me to do chemotherapy.

I gave myself a day to absorb this new information.  The next day, I stayed in bed most of the day trying to release my old beliefs about chemotherapy and get to a place of acceptance.  By the afternoon, I placed all the calls to make arrangements to start this on this new plan.

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